Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Outdoor Fireplaces

There’s something magical about a roaring fire. Anyone who grew up in a home with a fireplace, or enjoyed camping trips with family and friends, knows that inviting, warming feeling a good fire provides. It should be no surprise that more and more homeowners are making outdoor fireplaces a focal point in their backyards. The popularity of outdoor living spaces continues to grow and having a beautifully veneered fireplace has become the cornerstone of most designs.

Mutual Materials has partnered with FireRock to offer a full line of outdoor and indoor pre-engineered fireplace and chimney systems that can meet any design options you envision. These kits allow the installer to construct and face a ready-to-use unit in as few as two days. Simply pick the size and type of unit you want and we will make sure you have all the things you need to complete your project.

Once you select your fireplace style, you will need to choose the type of veneer to face it with. This is the icing on the cake! You can choose a Mutual Materials’ Slim Brick to achieve that classic brick look, or if you like stone, we also offer both Cultured Stone and natural stone veneer products in many different shapes and colors. Nothing will light up your yard, and make the neighbors jealous, like an outdoor fireplace from Mutual Materials. To make your design dream a reality, visit us at

Rob Rosson


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