Monday, November 29, 2010

Offseason is a great time for a masonry or hardscape project

When our Northwest weather turns cold and wet, most of us start thinking about the usual winter activities- holiday shopping, skiing and warm weather vacations. Unfortunately, not many people think about doing a home improvement project, especially one on the exterior. The truth is the “off-season” in the construction industry is a great time to do a project for several reasons:

1. Many areas in the Northwest have mild winter climates, so most projects can be done without having to adjust for weather issues.

2. In the areas with colder climates, contractors can use cold weather techniques that allow them to work in most situations.

3. Supply and demand dynamics work in your favor, as most contractors are eager to find projects during the winter months. The added competition can translate into overall cost savings for the homeowner.

4. There is a good chance your project will start sooner and take less time. With fewer jobs on their schedule, most contractors should have little or no lead-time and will not be trying to juggle multiple projects.

5. Your construction project will not disrupt your spring and summer activities. You can enjoy your new patio or outdoor fireplace as soon as the good weather arrives.

If you are interested in doing a home improvement project, and need a reliable mason or hardscape contractor, please visit our website at and click on “Connect with a Preferred Contractor”. Happy Holidays!

Rob Rosson
Residential Sales Manager

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