Monday, January 28, 2013

Hardscape Cleaning Training for Contractors

Oftentimes, when your crew installs a paver patio or retaining wall, the process leads to a finished project with blemishes. Over the course of the installation the product picks up mud, dust and footprints. Some product may have efflorescence. We have found a way to properly clean hardscape products; helping them show their full color. We will be holding a series of classes geared towards providing contractors the proper training for hardscape surface cleaning. Co-sponsored by EaCoChem, the first two classes will take place at our Vancouver, Washington branch at 10:00 AM Friday, January 25th and again at 10:00 AM, February 22nd. Although nothing is scheduled as of yet, there will be additional sessions in other regions over the next couple of months. The course will be a hands-on demonstration of proper cleaning techniques and to promote post installation cleaning of hardscape products as an integral part of the total installation process. This class will take to the road over the next several weeks, so keep an eye out at your local branch or on line for the next class nearest to you. To RSVP to the class, please contact Fred Davis (, Bill Allen (, or Molly Brown (

Gary Zagelow
Commercial Sales


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